Pricelist - Endla Talu


1. Rent of the entire farm for 20 hours – 750 EUR. The price includes breakfast and accommodation for 34 guests.

2.Rent of the banquet hall for up to 120 guests – 500 EUR. (does not include accommodation).

NB! every hour past midnight costs 50 EUR

3.Saunahouse rent max 25 people 300 EUR. (does include accommodation for 16 people)

NB! Breakfast is included in the price only where accommodation is ordered for at least 10 guests.

4. Small house rent max 4 people - 45 EUR / 24h

5. House with leg rent max 2 people - 30 EUR / 24h

6. Small house rent max 2 people – 30 EUR / 24h

PS! We rent houses for people who are at least 21 years old

NB! Rent of the Main house for New Year and Midsummer Day celebrations – 1000 EUR.

NB! Rent of the Sauna house for New Year and Midsummer Day celebrations – 500 EUR. 

* Prices do not include VAT

The booking fee is 50% of the total (except small houses)

The booking fee will not be refunded if the party is not due for client reasons. However it is possible to choose a new time during one year. By paying the booking fee the payer agrees with the party rules laid down by Endla Turismitalu.


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